August '15 • Vitamin D

Saturday, August 1, 2015

A long and scorching July has come to an end and today marks the first day of August. With only a month's time left of summer, I'm making the effort to do more things and see more things before I have to trek my way back to school (that is, for my final year in college *gasp*). I'm not a big fan of direct sunlight, mainly because I'm still pretty self conscious of the state of my skin in the sun, but when I saw this enormous window at the Brooklyn Museum, I thought 'Eh, screw it', and let myself soak in all that Vitamin D. 

My interest in the '70s trend is in full swing with this outfit, bandanna and all. Not so much a fan of suede when the temperature soars to 90 degrees, but hey, I guess it's balanced out with the off-the-shoulder top. Also, snaps to my sister for lending me her gladiator sandals--didn't mean to coordinate with all the suede, but I'm happy with it. Here's to a happy August!
I'm wearing: Zara off-the-shoulder top, American Apparel circle skirt, Topshop sandals, bandana, H&M bag, Ray Ban sunglasses 

July '15 • How to Wear White When You're Lazy

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Whenever I wear anything white--top, jeans, or shoes--I find myself hyper aware of the dirt and grime that can stain my ever-so-crisp white pieces. So I was pretty surprised when this *amazing*, but all-white jumpsuit caught my attention at the Pixie Market sample sale a couple weeks back. I wouldn't usually pick something like this up because I'd probably have anxiety attacks over ruining the jumpsuit every time I place my bum on a chair. But this jumpsuit was calling my name--I really don't have anything like this in my closet and the crochet detailing on the stomach and chest makes it versatile for causal wear as well as formal (which is what I need desperately in my "T-shirt-and-jean-shorts' filled rack). However, the reason why this was at the sample sale (and so cheap--$20!) was because the back zipper was broken, and fixing that cost me another $30. 

Still! I think this is a great find and hopefully I can think of different ways to wear this for other occasions beside work. To keep with the "white" theme, I wore my Vagabond Lindi sandals for some extra height and kept simple with no jewelry. 
I'm wearing: Pixie Market jumpsuit, Vagabond Lindi sandals, Ray Ban sunglasses 

July '15 • Office Inspo Outfits #1

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Monday: Channeling the inner '70s girl/ Top: Urban Outfitters, Skirt: Pixie Market, Sandals: Jeffrey Campbell 
Wednesday: Short hair don't care/ Vest: Unknown, Dress: Pixie Market, Sandals: H&M 
Thursday: Call me 'Sheep Herder'/ Top: Zara, Pinafores: Topshop

Welcome to the first edition of Office Inspo Outfits! This is a segment of my blog where I show YOU what I wear to my internship three times a week. 

I am unintentionally wearing denim for all three outfits ,which really goes to show how much I love and rely on denim. My first outfit calls to the 70's trend that we've been seeing everywhere--high neck embroidered top borrowed from the one and only sister (great part about having her over for the summer: I get to steal all her cute clothes *0*), and a jean skirt I scored at the Pixie Market sample sale a couple weeks back. The shoes are Jeffrey Campbell, but it was not the right day to wear them because I had to walk up and down 5th Avenue doing an errand for the editor and I ended up with nasty blisters on my toes and heels. Oh, the shoes I wear for fashion! (RIP my feet).

Wednesday is hump day and hump day is never exciting. However, I did get a haircut the day before, so I was ready to head in the office and show off my new do! Definitely the shortest I've ever had, but I kind of like it (like A LOT). To ease into this new style, I wore a LBD--must-have in every girl's closet, am I right?!--and covered up with a jean vest for an appropriate office look.

And finally, Thursday! The weekend is sooo close and I'm ready to get out! This look is 'sheep herder'-ish with the white off-the-shoulder top and denim pinafores, channeling another decade we've been loving: the 90s (I am proud to be a 90s baby--1993 represent!).


June '15 • Dressing for the Flea

Friday, June 26, 2015

Urban Outfitters dress, H&M hat, Coach bag, Crystal Chimera necklace 

Here is a quick outfit I wore to the Brooklyn flea last weekend! Little bit of bag lady vibes, but it was perfect for my day of browsing the vintage stands in Williamsburg. No luck picking up clothing items, but I did find this dainty gold bat necklace from Artists and Fleas. I've been interested in collecting smaller jewelry and this one caught my eye as I was eagerly stomping through the various vendors. I guess it's a favorite of mine now since I haven't taken it off since I bought it. Look forward to seeing this little guy on my neck in upcoming ootds (Maybe I should name him--any suggestions?)

TGIF everyone!