May '14 • Sunny Days

Friday, May 30, 2014

I consider myself a cat person. I have raised various kinds of dogs throughout my life, but my cat of eight years, Coco, has this irresistible charm about her that I can't seem to shake off. Sure, she doesn't listen to me when I call her name and claws my hand from time to time, but she makes sure to say hello to me in the morning by purring next to my face haha! I just love that little fur ball. I only bought this shirt from Brandy Melville last year because it acts as a homage to my love for cat anything, plus, black cats remind me of Luna the cat from Sailor Moon (I was obsessed when I was younger). And we all know that Brandy Melville T-shirts are super soft and comfortable to wear! My entire outfit is more or less PJ-like, but that's the way I like it sometimes! Always sipping on some iced coffee and smelling the California breeze. I love summer!



Cardigan-Foreign Exchange/ Top- Brandy Melville/ Bottoms- Forever 21/ Shoes- H&M/ Purse- Chloe 

May '14 • Gypsophila

Thursday, May 29, 2014

My knowledge on flowers is very limited--I only know the names to those generic flowers like roses or daisies. So when I googled the name of the flowers I bought at the market, I was surprised to learn that they are called 'gypsophilas'. Have you every heard of this name? I feel like I have known what these flowers look like for my entire life, yet I had no clue what the actual name was. Anyways, I picked these flowers up at the market and headed down to Redondo Beach with a friend to grab coffee and catch up on each other's lives since we both go to different colleges. I kept my outfit simple for this casual night out because I enjoy being as comfortable as I can when I know I am going to be talking for hours end. One of my favorite patterns to wear is stripes and since I am in a colorless mood in my life these days, this long sleeve stripe shirt was perfect for the occasion. The top is from Anthropology and yes, Anthropology is very pricey at times, but the quality of this shirt is phenomenal. It's so soft and almost PJ-like, except it's appropriate to wear out! 

I cannot resist the crisp minimalist look, but I'm hoping to see some color in my wardrobe this summer! We shall see... :)



P.S. Is this the first time I'm debuting my straight hair on my blog? Yes...yes it is :) Do you guys like it?

Floppy Hat-Topshop/ Easy Jeans- American Apparel/ Shoes-Zara/ Bib Necklace- H&M/ Purse- Prada  

May '14 • Color Blocking

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Summer nights. Just thinking about the warm breeze and the adventures that come along with it makes my heart skip a beat. On this day, I made a trip to Downtown LA with my boyfriend and a friend to catch an outdoor showing of the movie "Thor" in Pershing Square. My boyfriend and I have gone to the Cinespia Cemetery Screening in Hollywood last year (where we watched the Audrey Hepburn movie "Roman Holiday"), but we had to pay for tickets to get in, whereas for this one, it was free! It's always nice to stumble across free events in the city because, hey, we are broke college kids who spend all their money on food. 

Although I have made numerous trips to LA in my life, I rarely get a chance to park the car and walk around the streets of downtown. It was a new experience to enjoy Pershing Square as well as soaking in the beauty of the city buildings. Unfortunately, our movie ended up getting cancelled because there was an issue with a light bulb in the projector. It was a bummer, but we promised to come back and do this again, so we'll see what happens! 

This outfit is a typical summer night outfit for me: big statement earrings and an easy dress. I especially love wearing earrings, because they are great statement pieces and hangs around the face nicely! I've been adoring these ones from Free People so expect to see them in future posts! Topped it off with a shredded jean flannel to cover up (some parts of) my arms and we have a summer outfit ready to go!



Jacket-Urban Outfitters/Dress-Brandy Melville/Shoes-Zara/Earrings-Free People

May '14 • Minimalist

Monday, May 19, 2014

Hey guys! I am back from my hiatus! I've been busy pushing though final essays and coming back to LA for the summer, so I'm sorry I didn't get to post anything in the last couple weeks. To fill you in on what I've been up to...I had to move everything out of my dorm room while studying for finals. One other exciting news! I got a chance to visit the Teen Vogue office to get a tour and also talk to one of the assistant managers there. I was able to meet her through my school's alumni program and she was kind enough to invite me to see the office in Times Square! I wish I remembered to take some photos, but the office reminded me of the office from "The Devil Wears Prada"(favorite movie anyone?).

Now that I am back in LA, I am taking advantage of the wonderful weather here and practically been living in the "T-shirt and shorts" combo. This outfit is a fancier version, but nonetheless, still very comfortable! Another item that I have been obsessed with are my new H&M chunky sandals. They are comfy yet stylish! Plus, I need a break from heels. I have to say, I still feel pretty tired from the last couple weeks, but I'm hoping this summer will be a fun-filled one and I can update you guys more often! Hope you're having a fantastic day!



Sunglasses-Ray bans/Top-Urban Outfitters/Necklace-H&M/Origami Shorts-Zara/Hologram Clutch-American Apparel/Chunky Sandals-H&M 

May '14 • Play Area

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Is it May already? It seems just like yesterday I moved into my current dorm room to start my second year of college, but now I'm getting ready to pack and go back home for the summer! However, just as I am about to leave, the weather in the City clears up--sunny skies and warm weather everyday! I do prefer summer in LA because it is less humid there, but I'd love to be in New York when the weather is actually cooperative and pleasant.

I don't consider my style as edgy, but I like playing around with different cuts and silhouettes to experiment and have more fun with my clothes! This top, from Choies, caught my eye when I spotted it on the website because of the transparent organza and the cute logo. I don't own anything similar to this, so I went ahead and put it into my shopping cart and here it is! One down side about this top is that it only comes in one size, and the sizing itself is pretty small! I'm only 5 foot 2 inches and I consider myself as relatively small, but this top fits a little too tight.

Thank you guys for all the lovely comments on my previous post! It really means the world to me that you guys enjoy my blog and it motivates me to dedicate to my blog more. Stay tuned for my adventures in LA for the upcoming months!



P.S. My expression in the last photo is DERP x)

Top-Choies/Bottoms-Vintage Levis/Boots-H&M