May '14 • Color Blocking

Summer nights. Just thinking about the warm breeze and the adventures that come along with it makes my heart skip a beat. On this day, I made a trip to Downtown LA with my boyfriend and a friend to catch an outdoor showing of the movie "Thor" in Pershing Square. My boyfriend and I have gone to the Cinespia Cemetery Screening in Hollywood last year (where we watched the Audrey Hepburn movie "Roman Holiday"), but we had to pay for tickets to get in, whereas for this one, it was free! It's always nice to stumble across free events in the city because, hey, we are broke college kids who spend all their money on food. 

Although I have made numerous trips to LA in my life, I rarely get a chance to park the car and walk around the streets of downtown. It was a new experience to enjoy Pershing Square as well as soaking in the beauty of the city buildings. Unfortunately, our movie ended up getting cancelled because there was an issue with a light bulb in the projector. It was a bummer, but we promised to come back and do this again, so we'll see what happens! 

This outfit is a typical summer night outfit for me: big statement earrings and an easy dress. I especially love wearing earrings, because they are great statement pieces and hangs around the face nicely! I've been adoring these ones from Free People so expect to see them in future posts! Topped it off with a shredded jean flannel to cover up (some parts of) my arms and we have a summer outfit ready to go!



Jacket-Urban Outfitters/Dress-Brandy Melville/Shoes-Zara/Earrings-Free People


  1. I love the distressed jacket~ It goes so well with your outfit ^^
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  3. Chic outfit :)

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  4. Cute outfit! Sounds like you had such a nice time with your boyfriend. :) Free movies is always great, hehe!

    lots of love, Dana Carmella

  5. nice outfit, I want your dress:)
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  6. I love your denim shirt, you look gorgeous!
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  8. Love the jacket and your earrings are really cute. You look great.

  9. So grungy ! :))
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  10. You have such a cute smile ^_^
    Love the pairing you did with the little black dress and the edgy jacket.
    Very cool - I might give this a try

    Love from Canada

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  17. The movie was really a bummer :( But oh well, your outfit is lovely. I love the way you topped your dress with denim and your earrings are fab ♥

    -Tootsie Jean

  18. I've followed you back dear :))