May '14 • Gypsophila

My knowledge on flowers is very limited--I only know the names to those generic flowers like roses or daisies. So when I googled the name of the flowers I bought at the market, I was surprised to learn that they are called 'gypsophilas'. Have you every heard of this name? I feel like I have known what these flowers look like for my entire life, yet I had no clue what the actual name was. Anyways, I picked these flowers up at the market and headed down to Redondo Beach with a friend to grab coffee and catch up on each other's lives since we both go to different colleges. I kept my outfit simple for this casual night out because I enjoy being as comfortable as I can when I know I am going to be talking for hours end. One of my favorite patterns to wear is stripes and since I am in a colorless mood in my life these days, this long sleeve stripe shirt was perfect for the occasion. The top is from Anthropology and yes, Anthropology is very pricey at times, but the quality of this shirt is phenomenal. It's so soft and almost PJ-like, except it's appropriate to wear out! 

I cannot resist the crisp minimalist look, but I'm hoping to see some color in my wardrobe this summer! We shall see... :)



P.S. Is this the first time I'm debuting my straight hair on my blog? Yes...yes it is :) Do you guys like it?

Floppy Hat-Topshop/ Easy Jeans- American Apparel/ Shoes-Zara/ Bib Necklace- H&M/ Purse- Prada  


  1. Love this look :)

  2. love love love your outfit!!! It looks so comfortable <3 have followed you on Bloglovin and GFC! Thank you for stopping by Xoaly :)

    xx Aly

  3. I need your shoes right now *.* soo amazing wow! and your style as well :))
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  4. Perfect look darling!

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  6. Super Chic, Love the bag. Been debating if I should get it for a while now.


  7. Ah, this is such a beautiful, clean, and crisp look! I love the flowers (for someone who claims they know nothing about flowers you sure do have great taste in flowers! ahaha c; ) I really love this shoot! xx

    <(') Hoda | JooJoo Azad ~ Free Bird

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  9. Love ur outfit :)

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  10. Love those shoes

  11. Great post!
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  13. lovely look<3
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