June '14 • Eyes Everywhere

Monday, June 30, 2014

I'm only twenty years old. All my life, I've enjoyed fashion and experimenting with style, but I don't think I found my personal style until I moved to New York two years ago. Before, I was very much influenced by my mother--she studied fashion when she was younger and from that, she enjoyed dressing herself in colors and wild prints. Her fashion influence was prominent from my outfits as a child and teenager, and although I loved it at the time, it makes me cringe a little to observe some of those outfits in family photos and think 'Why did I even dare to wear that?!'. But hey, I bet all of us are a bit embarrassed about how we used to dress, right?

My big move to the City was a defining moment in my style history because I learned I could wear black/white or basics or monochrome without looking boring and plain. Also, coming from Southern California, I was familiar with that beachy, Cali-girl style--completely opposite of the New York City girl--which made me feel foreign to the way city girls dressed. I think my biggest influence these days comes from the street style I see from living in the City. If you look close enough, you can tell that everyone around you has their own, unique style that they call their own. I love pulling inspiration from here and there and incorporate it into what I feel most comfortable in and be...me. This eye print dress from Zara is something I would have not dared to try in the past, but this kind of quirky print is a trend that makes me curious so I've been enjoying its distinctiveness. To spice up the dress, I just added my ripped jean flannel and knock-off Birkenstocks for a casual vibe.

I'm glad I'm only twenty because I have my whole life ahead of me to have fun with fashion and evolve my style. I hope all of you enjoy fashion just as much as I do and come along this journey with me!



Jean Flannel-Urban Outfitters/ Print Dress- Zara/Slippers- Target/Sunglasses- DIVA/ Rings- H&M

P.S. I actually wore this dress a couple months back when the weather was cold so check out my "Eye See Your Derp Face" post from April to see how I styled it for colder weather! 

June '14 • Travel Diaries: San Francisco Part 3

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

I saved the pictures from the most tourist-y spots in SF for Part 3 of my San Francisco Travel Diaries! On this day, some friends and I decided to grab lunch from Off the Grid: Picnic at the Presidio, which is a food truck event that happens every week in various locations around the City. I have never been to any sort of food truck event so I was pretty excited (and hungry) when we arrived, but we took a little detour to the Palace of the Fine Arts before heading to the picnic because...we just spotted it! We didn't know we would run into the Palace, but we took the opportunity to walk around the Palace and take pictures. I love San Francisco because it's unlike any city--you can find beautiful architecture on every corner of the city, but you can also find the beauty of nature that exists within the Golden Gate Park and the various neighborhoods. 

At the picnic, I bought pork chops with kimchi rice on the bottom and it was so delicious! I am a meat freak so any kind of meat dish I can't resist! (I wish I had another plate of that right now...) I really enjoyed this picnic experience because I saw so many cute San Francisco dogs and the overall vibe of this place was chill and relaxing. We could eat and just relax on the grass without rushing to find seats or leave. After the picnic, we walked down to Chrissy Fields near the Golden Gate Bridge to take some pictures and talk. Having that massive bridge behind me made me appreciate how people can build such a grandiose thing and extended my love for this city even more. I am truly thankful that I got to go on this trip with one of my best friend and I hope I can find more opportunities like this to travel and make precious memories. 

Oh! I should explain my outfit--So, I saved my 'girly' outfit for the last day! My halter top is from Brandy Melville and I know what you're thinking...It looks like a bib (at least, that's what my boyfriend tells me) but I think it looks great because it shows off my shoulders and it's a silhouette I've never worn before. The long carpet print skirt is from H&M and my sandals are from Zara. I like the skirt, but it's something I would wear only on occasions like vacation or something fancy. My hair is in a bun because I learned my lesson and decided not to let the wind ruin my hair :) 

I hope you guys enjoyed my travel diaries! Leave me a comment if you have any plans to travel anywhere this summer! 



Halter top- Brandy Melville/ Skirt- H&M/ Shoes- Zara/ Cardigan- Forever 21 

June '14 • Travel Diaries: San Francisco Part 2

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Growing up in LA, particularly in the South Bay area, exposed me to the beauty of the Pacific Ocean early on. The cool ocean breeze and the calming view made me feel very much at home here at Lands End/Sutro Baths in San Francisco. Just a brief fact about this area--Sutro Baths was a privately owned swimming pool complex built in the late 19th century, but turned out to be unprofitable and is now in ruins. The stunning view of the rocks and the ruins of this pool somehow makes this place look more mysterious and magical. I did not have the greatest walking shoes on for this trip to the cliffs, but I managed and snapped some great shots of the view. I am sad, however, because I didn't get that many great shots of my second day outfit.

I was layered up for this look because it was very breezy and chilly near the cliffs. I love wearing parkas because these jackets toughen up any boring outfit and also wore my Forever 21 speckled knit cardigan to retain more warmth. Underneath, I have my Monki eye print shirt from ASOS (it's a new purchase and I LOVE it <3) tucked into my American Apparel Easy Jeans. This hat from ASOS was a staple piece to wear for this trip, but I was struggling keep the hat on my head since it was so windy!

My short and sweet trip up North will come to a close with Part 3 of my San Francisco travel diaries! Come back soon to check it out and have a wonderful day lovelies!



Hat-ASOS/ Eye Print T-shirt- Monki (ASOS)/ Cardigan- Forever 21/ Jacket- Forever 21/ Jeans- American Apparel/ Sandals- Zara

June '14 • Travel Diaries: San Francisco Part 1

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

What is summer vacation without going on a trip, right? This past weekend, my lovely friend Klarissa and I flew up north to one of my favorite cities...San Francisco! I especially love this city because I have so many fond memories of visiting my boyfriend who went to college in SF. But this time around, the trip felt different because I was going with my friend instead of my boyfriend. I wanted to make the best of it for the ultimate girls' trip! 

On our first day, we decided to disregard the bus and walk around the city to see what we could do. We ended up going to Haight Street--famous for its colorful murals and hippie vibes--visiting thrift stores such like 'Wasteland' and then moved onto Golden Gate Park to visit the Conservatory of Flowers. The weather was so lovely that it was difficult not to sit on a patch of grass and enjoy the nature that SF had to offer. The Conservatory of Flowers is a beautiful white dome building that is within the park, but honestly, I did not enjoy the interior as much as the exterior because it was very humid inside to maintain the plants, which made it difficult for me to breathe in those rooms. But besides that, my friend and I enjoyed our walk and headed back to where we were staying to catch up with some friends who live in SF. 

I love wearing backpacks when I go on vacation because I know I am carrying a lot of different items like my huge DSLR camera, water bottle, an extra jacket to wear, etc. I layered a cropped sweater over my T-shirt dress since it was chilly in SF, and then added the jean vest to make the look more interesting. I love wearing hats in general, but it was appropriate to wear my ASOS fedora on this day because it kept the blazing sun out of my eyes while I was walking around.  

Keep your eyes open for San Francisco diaries Part 2 and thanks for reading! Hope all of you are having a wonderful week so far and I'll be back in a couple of days :)



Felt hat- ASOS/ Jean Vest- Urban Outfitters/ Sweater- Forever 21/ Dress- Zara/ Shoes- H&M/ Backpack- Brandy Melville/ Necklace- Brandy Melville

June '14 • Sunday Flea

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Here is my second post on summer dresses! On this lovely Sunday, my sister and I headed to Pasadena for the Rose Bowl Flea Market that takes place every second Sunday of the month. You can find cool, one-of-a-kind items at flea markets such as antique furniture, jewelry, and clothes. I wanted to visit the flea with the intention of picking out some cute jewelry and I was lucky enough to find the tooth earrings I am wearing with this outfit!

The floppy hat was a must to shield the sun from my eyes, and the printed Brandy Melville dress kept me cool and less cranky from the blazing heat. The gladiator sandals tough up the look because I tend to like that mix of sweet and edgy!

I love taking mini adventures around LA such like this one, but this weekend, I am heading up north to San Francisco for a girls' trip with my good friend! I cannot wait to eat all the food and visit the beautiful sights of that gorgeous city! I'll try to post my travel diaries along the way so make sure to come back to check it out! Have a wonderful weekend everybody!



Hat-Topshop/ Dress- Brandy Melville/Shoes- Korea/ Necklace- Brandy Melville/ Earrings- Rose Bowl Flea Market

June '14 • Pulling a Marilyn

Monday, June 9, 2014

Happy June! Maybe being home makes me extra lazy, but I've been a lackadaisical blogger these days and I don't know how to snap myself back to normal. As you will see, this outfit and the next outfit post both consists of easy-going dresses because a dress can be a "put together" look without having to try as much! My love for stripe pattern has grown with the purchase of this T-shirt dress from Zara from their TRF line. The material of this dress reminds me of Brandy Melville clothing--soft to the touch and very comfortable! You might laugh at me for saying this, but as I get older (I'm only twenty years old), I find myself gravitating more towards comfortable, yet stylish, pieces of clothing. And this dress definitely makes the list!

I layered three different necklaces with varying lengths--a short coin choker necklace, geometric shape necklace, and leaf pendant necklace--to add some quirkiness to the look. A bold red lip and pointy oxfords make the look personalized more towards my taste!

Hope you guys enjoyed the lovely view of the Long Beach lake and *hint hint*--there might be a travel diaries post very soon! I'm going up North! Can someone guess where?



Dress-Zara/ Oxfords- Zara/ Choker necklace- H&M/ Geometric shape necklace-Unknown/ Leaf necklace- Forever 21/ Lipstick- Heat Wave by NARS