August '14 • Pretty in Blue

Thursday, August 14, 2014

F21 jean vest, Thrifted top, F21 skirt 

West coast, best coast baby! With only a couple weeks left in SoCal, my blogger/college friend Kelly from Creme de la Chic (link here) and I headed to the iconic Santa Monica Pier to catch up and shoot some photos. Ironically, I decided to use a blue wall as my background instead of the colorful carnival scenery, but I didn't mind since the rich blue hues in my outfit and the wall made the pictures more interesting. 

Although I just met Kelly back in April, I feel as if we've been friends for much longer and it's always a pleasure spending the day with her, talking about fashion, college, and our boyfriends. It's definitely a new experience having a friend who's also a blogger, but I admire her knowledge and dedication to blogging and often find myself inspired by the things she posts. 

Coming back to my outfit: Summer is winding down and I wanted to bust out this blue flare skirt from Forever 21 because the color just screams 'cool'. My goal to this outfit was to bring the city to the beach by pairing the vibrant blue skirt with a graphic tee and denim vest. The skirt and the wooden wedge heels contribute to the beachy aspect of this outfit, while the tee and vest tone it down to a city-vibe look. I love mixing and matching, and this combination of girly and edgy suits my personal style perfectly. 

For my last two weeks of summer, I want to read one more Murakami book and enjoy my time with the people I love. Let me know if you have one last goal for the remainder of your summer! I would love to know. 

Lots of Love,


August '14 • Autumn...Summer with byGGXNA

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Hi guys! It's been a while since I posted, huh? I apologize for my laziness. I don't know what has come over me these days (maybe the devil named Netfilx), but for some reason, I'm lacking creativity in terms of generating interesting posts for this blog. I did get a chance to shoot with my photographer and friend Gina from byGGXNA again recently for a very exciting *but sorta secret* project. These outfits are geared more toward fall weather, so I was breaking a sweat taking these photos, but I enjoyed driving around my neighborhood and modeling various outfits for this! 

I want to thank Gina once again for being such a great photographer and it's always a delight catching up :) In terms of this project, I might be able to deliver good news to you guys in a couple months if it ends up working out! Tell me if you're looking forward to the upcoming fall, and suggest what kinds of posts I should do in the future? Do you guys want to know more about me (like a personal tag post) or maybe shopping haul posts? 

Lots of Love,


First outfit: Hat-UO/Jacket-Forever 21/ Dress- Zara /Necklace-Brandy Melville/ Shoes- Zara
Second outfit: Hat- Topshop/Jacket-Topshop/Sweater-Zara/Pants-American Apparel
Third outfit:Trench coat-Banana Republic/ Shirt- Madewell/ Skirt- American Apparel/ Shoes- Zara
Fourth outfit: Cover up- Cotton On/ Shirt- GAP/ Pants- Zara
Fifth outfit: Hat- ASOS/ Jacket- Zara/ Shirt- GAP/ Pants- Topshop/ Belt- H&M/ Necklace- Brandy Melville