July' 14 • IKEA Adventures

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Hello everyone! How have you been doing? It feels like ages since I last posted, but I am back and feeling better than ever! 

To recap my last week: I flew over to New York this past Monday in hopes of finding an apartment for the upcoming fall. I only had two nights to spare in NY, and because of this time crunch, there was more pressure to find an apartment FAST. Although it was probably the most stressful 48 hours of my life, my mom and I somehow made through and managed to find a decent studio in a nice area. Yay, I'm not homeless anymore! 

And during this crazy apartment hunt, I was able to squeeze in an interview for a possible Fall internship for a fashion PR firm. And guess what? I got the internship!! I am so excited to start interning and really absorbing the nooks and crannies of fashion PR!

Although my body was still pretty tired from the trip, I wanted to head down to IKEA since I have to start looking for furniture for the apartment. My boyfriend Justin accompanied me, and we just goofed around when we should have been researching the furniture (haha). I wore my silk green dress from H&M because the day was hot and I was not going to wear any kind of fussy outfit. Summer is definitely the time when I wear dresses practically everyday! I accessorized with some necklaces, ring, and earring and kept this look simple and chic.

Let me know what you guys have been up to! I would love to know :)

Love you all and I'll be back soon with another outfit post!



Dress-H&M/ Purse- Rebecca Minkoff/ Sandals-?/Earrings- Rosebowl Flea Market/ Moon necklace- Topshop/ Bow necklace- Friend/ Eye Ring- UO/ Sunglasses- DITA

July' 14 • Urban Getaway

Saturday, July 19, 2014

I have those days when I feel experimental with my style and there are other days when I just want to be comfortable with what I am wearing. Lately, I've been dealing with some stress and anxiety in my life and my outfit choices reflect a yearning for an escape from my stressful environment. 

When I feel overwhelmed, I find that spending time with my friends or boyfriend really helps me recover from my gloominess, so I was happy to catch up with a friend from high school this past week. We drove to Downtown Disney, the shopping/dinning area located outside of the main Disneyland Park. It's basically a strip with various stores like Sephora and the Disney stores, as well as different restaurants and cafes. 

The palm tree print shorts evokes a vacay-aura to the outfit, but I kept everything else very minimal and modern to remind me that I am still in the city nonetheless. This Brandy Melville T-shirt is probably the softest T-shirt I own, and I can't seem to put it down. I've been wearing it for causal or formal outfits and it's definitely a staple piece to my wardrobe. I feel like a hat is my signature look, so I plopped on a wide brim sun hat from Forever 21. 

I am going to New York for a couple days to take care of some business and I really hope everything goes well. I hate feeling uncertain about anything, and so far, I am uncertain about so many things in my life. If I can, I will upload some type of post regarding my NY trip, whether it'd be a quick "What's in my Travel bag" or another Travel Diaries!

Have a fantastic day and leave me a comment saying hi!



Hat- Forever 21/Shirt-Brandy Melville/ Shorts-Zara/Shoes- H&M/ Necklace- H&M/ Bag-Chanel

July '14 • Summer Love

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Hello my lovely readers! I am back today with a post from my recent trip to the Orange County Fair! I live in Southern California, specifically in the South Bay area near the ocean. It's definitely a drive to get to the OC from where I live, but it is worth the trip because the OC Fair is probably one of the largest annual fairs held in California. It's a month-long fair packed with thrill-worthy rides and strange fair foods! (Deep fried twinkies, anyone?) This is the second time I've visited the fair--the first time was two summers ago with my boyfriend. It's strange considering how much time has passed since our first trip...it feel like it was just yesterday we were having the summer of our lives before college. 

Being the broke college students that we are, Justin (my boo thang haha) and I took advantage of the free admission and free parking deal for the first day of the fair (July 11th) and went early to wait in line. And as expected, the line to get into the fair was pretty long, but we were able to get in for free! We walked around and did typical fair activities like getting a henna tattoo (I got a cute elephant on my arm), playing games, riding crazy rides, and eating food. When it comes to fair games, Justin and I usually win a couple of stuffed animals, but we both struggled this time and only won a tiny, and I mean TINY, little stuffed whale. Oh, the embarrassment, haha! 

I really enjoyed my outfit for this day--the sheer brown sleeveless button down is from Forever 21 and the circle skirt is from American Apparel. I was sweating bullets being under the hot California sun, but this outfit kept me cool throughout the day! The stone necklace was a purchase from the OC fair and I love it because I've been searching for nice stone/gem jewelry. I wish I had more money to spend because there were varieties of cute stone jewels at other stands! I put a snapback on my head, not to cover the sun, but to hide the poofy hair courtesy of a bad curling job. The mirrored sunglasses from Quay Australia add a funky touch to this outfit and voila!  

Tell me what you guys have been doing so far this summer in the comments below. I love reading them and I reply back all the time :) Have a wonderful weekend, and talk to you again soon! 



Snapback-Korea/Top-Forever 21/Skirt-American Apparel/Shoes-H&M/Sunglasses-Quay Australia/Harry Potter Necklace-Brandy Melville/Stone Necklace-OC Fair/Backpack-Brandy Melville

July' 14 • Throwback Thursday: Formal Dresses

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Hi everyone! I am starting something new on my blog called "Throwback Thursday"! I don't know if this is going to be a once-a-month type post or sporadic whenever-I-feel-like-it post, but we shall see. What "Throwback Thursday" is basically me exploring my past outfits or styles and helping you recreate those looks or give you inspiration on where to find those pieces now! 

To start off this series, I wanted to revisit a very special outfit of mine...my prom dress! My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 2 years and 10 months now (our monthiversary is July 12th) and it's crazy to think how much we've been through since then. One of my favorite memories of our relationship is the fairytale prom experience during our senior year, which my dress definitely contributed a big part of, haha! I actually rented my prom dress from an online site, but I paid way too much money for it.   

(Here is me and my boyfriend at a pre-prom party)

Although it was expensive, I couldn't give up on this dress because it was just so stunning! The chiffon and sweetheart neckline of this dress really emphasized that feminine look I was going for! I wouldn't recommend renting a dress like this for hundreds of dollars, but I actually found a site that sells the same dress for a fraction of the price: Victoria's Dresses! If I had known about this site earlier, I would have purchased my dress here in a heartbeat! I don't have many formal events to attend these days, but I recommend bookmarking this site for future events. If you're a student and you want to avoid the crazy crowds at malls and dress shops during formal/prom seasons, try browsing Victoria's Dresses to find your formal dresses, long or short prom dresses...anything! They also have evening dresses and bridal dresses so anyone can find the dress of their dreams here. What I like most about this site is that they have celebrity-inspired dresses, so you can look like a royal on your special evening!

Hope everyone enjoyed this post and looking at pictures of beautiful dresses! Check out Victoria's Dresses here http://www.victoriasdress.co.uk/ and leave me a comment which dress you like the most out of the four! Do you prefer long dresses or short ones?



July' 14 • Victorious Youth with byGGXNA

Monday, July 7, 2014

Hello Everyone! Today, I have a special collaboration post with photographer/artist Gina Park, or byGGXNA

Gina and I have known each other for quite some time now--we went to the same high school and studied art together. We recently reconnected and decided to take this trip to the Getty Villa in Malibu because we've both never been and it seemed like the perfect backdrop for our photoshoot. The Getty Villa is an extension of the the Getty Center Museum in Los Angeles and it showcases ancient Greek and Roman art, along with the stunning architecture, of course!

Although it might look like a dress, I am actually wearing a romper I picked up from TJ Maxx! It's comfortable and airy--perfect for days at the museum. And since my love for hats never die, I wore my Topshop floppy sun hat to keep the sun out of my eyes and wore my minimalist white sandals from Zara to complete a summer look.

I decided to name this post "Victorious Youth" after one of the Villa's most famous statue, Victorious Youth. This statue is a bronze Greek statue of a young man crowning himself with a wreath. From the title of the statue and the significance of the wreath in the Olympic Games (the wreath was a prize for a victor in the Games), we can probably guess that this young man triumphed over his competitors in the Olympics. I felt drawn towards this title because I want to be able to find victory and success in whatever I do in my future.

Gina is a wonderful photographer, and although she's just starting out, I can see that she has so much potential and talent! She's also a talented artist so check out her site byGGXNA (link here)

Stay tuned for more collabs with byGGXNA in future posts!



Hat-Topshop/Romper-TJ Maxx/Shoes-Zara/Backpack-Brandy Melville