July' 14 • Throwback Thursday: Formal Dresses

Hi everyone! I am starting something new on my blog called "Throwback Thursday"! I don't know if this is going to be a once-a-month type post or sporadic whenever-I-feel-like-it post, but we shall see. What "Throwback Thursday" is basically me exploring my past outfits or styles and helping you recreate those looks or give you inspiration on where to find those pieces now! 

To start off this series, I wanted to revisit a very special outfit of mine...my prom dress! My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 2 years and 10 months now (our monthiversary is July 12th) and it's crazy to think how much we've been through since then. One of my favorite memories of our relationship is the fairytale prom experience during our senior year, which my dress definitely contributed a big part of, haha! I actually rented my prom dress from an online site, but I paid way too much money for it.   

(Here is me and my boyfriend at a pre-prom party)

Although it was expensive, I couldn't give up on this dress because it was just so stunning! The chiffon and sweetheart neckline of this dress really emphasized that feminine look I was going for! I wouldn't recommend renting a dress like this for hundreds of dollars, but I actually found a site that sells the same dress for a fraction of the price: Victoria's Dresses! If I had known about this site earlier, I would have purchased my dress here in a heartbeat! I don't have many formal events to attend these days, but I recommend bookmarking this site for future events. If you're a student and you want to avoid the crazy crowds at malls and dress shops during formal/prom seasons, try browsing Victoria's Dresses to find your formal dresses, long or short prom dresses...anything! They also have evening dresses and bridal dresses so anyone can find the dress of their dreams here. What I like most about this site is that they have celebrity-inspired dresses, so you can look like a royal on your special evening!

Hope everyone enjoyed this post and looking at pictures of beautiful dresses! Check out Victoria's Dresses here http://www.victoriasdress.co.uk/ and leave me a comment which dress you like the most out of the four! Do you prefer long dresses or short ones?




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  2. This red dress is so beautiful!


  3. You looked so gorgeous in your prom dress!
    Out of the four dress, I like the red one the most because I prefer short dresses :)

  4. Your dress is stunning! Also, gorgeous dresses! =D



  5. I agree it's a stunning dress. Really suit you!

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  6. great dress! x

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  9. Amazing dress ♥


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  11. Wow you look so gorgeous and the dress looks perfect on you! I never had a chance to go to prom (as I grew up in Japan), but sounds like a great memory to have :) xo akiko
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  12. This is such a gorgeous dress! You look stunning girl! And your bf is a pretty handsome guy ;) Thx for visiting my blog and your lovely comment. I already follow you on GFC.

  13. Your prom dress is AMAZING! I didn't get to go to my prom but if I had, I definitely would have chosen a dress similar to this one. You have a lovely blog, I followed via GFC!

    xo, Britnee
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  14. you looked beautiful i love your dress!