November '14 • 20 Facts About Me

Above: Fall flowers from the Union Square Market, Below: Me soaking in the morning sun at Washington Square Park

Hey, let's get personal.

Hi guys! It's little ol' me here with something different today! But before I start, I apologize again for my lack of posts in the last few months. I gets to you sometimes! And junior year of college has seriously been kicking my butt! I'm not complaining about the classes I'm taking or the internship I have right now, but it's just so hard to find time to create quality posts for you guys because I want my posts to look and sound as best as they can be! But don't fret! Winter break is fast approaching and that means more time for me to take pictures and write! Woo! 

Okay, back to this post: I've been wanting to write a personal post about me for a while since I want you guys to know more about me as a person, not just sharing what I wore for that day or blah blah blah. I enjoy blogging because it gives an introvert like me (oops, first fact!) a space to branch out and just talk without feeling scared or hesitant. And it seems like everyone in the blogging community support and love one another, so I wanted to join in and share some facts about me!!

So without further we go :)

1. Yes, I am pretty shy. I consider myself an introvert, but once I get to know someone, I do not stop talking. I would want to know more about you and ask you questions and become friends, you know? It's always the first impressions that scare me ><

2. I live with my cat, Coco. She's about six years old and she's a grey Persian-mixed kitty cat! This is the first year of living alone for me so it's nice to have my cat to keep me company on those days I feel just a little bit lonely.

3. I recently turned 21 years old and if you live in the States, you know that your 21st birthday marks the official start of your "adult" years (Scary!).

4. I am 21 years old, but I'm basically a big kid. I like my naps, I like anything Disney-related (movies, name it), I eat junk food all the time...It's bad guys >< 

5. I am full Korean. I was born in Incheon, Korea but moved to California during the second grade. 

6. I've moved around quite a bit--but between the U.S. and Korea (I went to middle school for two years in Korea, but Elementary and High School was in California).

7. I love Korean BBQ! Definitely a meat person thanks to my dad! I need my intake of KBBQ at least once a month.

8. I can't cook. Plain and simple. Maybe it's the lack of patience to wait for food to cook, or I'm just lazy...I don't know! But the food I make isn't all that great and no one will eat it except for me :/

9. I do want to learn how to bake! I've started watching Cupcake Wars on Netflix (because who doesn't love cupcakes?!) and I wish I had that talent to bake yummy cupcakes like the bakers on the show!

10. I am currently studying Media, Culture, and Communications at my college. So I take classes based on the media, culture, and communications. Pretty straightforward, huh? 

11. I take the subway everyday to get to class. I used to be afraid of going on the subways because I didn't know what it meant when the subways went uptown or downtown or across or whatever. It took me two years to get used to living in the City, so what do you expect? I can navigate around now, thank goodness!

12. For the two years in college, I felt really out of place and awkward in New York because I missed California too much. I guess I didn't really give myself a chance to appreciate living in one of the greatest cities in the world, but New York can be a tough place to live if you're not from here. But this year, I am taking classes I love and working hard so I'm happy and content being here :)

13. I've been listening to the same music for the last, um, I want to say, four months now? I've been replaying Ariana Grande's new album "My Everything", Arctic Monkeys' "AM", Ed Sheeran's "X", and added Michael Buble's Christmas album ;)

14. Coffee over tea any day! I used to exclusively drink sugary coffee because I associated Americanos and black coffee as something my mom would drink, but I try now to drink black coffee and I enjoy it! Cutting back on sugar one step at a time!

15. I love reading when I find a good book. And I mean, REALLY, good. When I engage in a book, I will not stop reading until I've finished the entire thing. Usually in a couple of days. That's why I read mostly during breaks because I know I have no prior commitment to homework or anything so I can read on and on without worry :) I've especially been loving Haruki Murakami's books as of late. I read 'Kafka on the Shore', 'Norwegian Wood', and 'Sputnik Sweetheart'. All wonderfully strange books...and that's why they are so great :)

16. I am a creature of habit. I'm that kind of girl that likes a certain thing on the menu and orders the same thing every time. I think after I started dating my boyfriend, I learned how to branch out to other things on the menu and I am grateful for him showing me that there are so many yummy things in this world! Haha!

17. Speaking of my boyfriend, Justin and I have been dating for more than three years now. We're high school sweethearts and starting dating in the beginning of our senior year. We're in a long distance relationship, with him in California and me in New York, but we've been making it work! Even through all the arguments,  we still love each other and we're growing up together :) I love him <3

18. I am not necessarily a huge fan of old, classic Hollywood movies, but from the ones I've watched, I really enjoyed 'Rear Window' directed by none other than Alfred Hitchcock, and 'Roman Holiday' & 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' which are Audrey Hepburn films! Grace Kelly is the leading female character in 'Rear Window' and she is so graceful, beautiful, elegant...everything! Her fashion sense in this film is also so modern and beautiful. Same goes for Audrey Hepburn! Both ladies are beautiful and I get a kick out of observing their fashion in these movies!

19. Mac all the way. iPhone all the way.  Basically Apple products are the only products I'll use in terms of tech gadgets (Even though I am not smart when it comes to computers and get why I'm in the major that I am in now, right?)

20. I'm kind of short. 5 foot 2 inches to be exact. I always wish I was just a tiny bit taller, but hey, that what heels and boots are for! I love my shoes, the high, but comfortable ones ;)

There it is! 20 facts about me! It's a mix of petty facts and some interesting ones, but I hope you guys enjoyed getting to know me a little better. There is more of me than just these 20 facts, but being put on the spot to write about yourself is not as easy as you think! Let me know a fact about you, I would love to know! I hope to come back with a fashion post soon, so till then, have a wonderful, sun-filled day!! 


  1. Loved reading about ya :)

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  2. Cool post :)
    I like thouse "facts about me" - posts !

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  5. Lovely post! Great to learn about you!!


  6. What an adorable post-- when reading through your 20 facts, I couldn't help but marvel at how many things we have in common! Let's see if I can get through all of them without boring you :P I may be Chinese but there is a huge Korean community where I live so we get to enjoy Korean food a lot! I love Korean BBQ and many other dishes, it's so much healthier than Chinese food... I can't really cook either, even though I know the basics and I can make simple dishes (like pasta and rice and veggie dishes and noodles). I hope that when I get my own place, I'll have the time/energy/incentive to start being more creative with my food! Plus I want to eat healthier so cooking my own meals would be a good thing for sure. I love baking too, wish I could do it more but alas the life of a student is often demanding and I'm out so much during the day. I am finishing my Publishing minor (after finishing a History major) so I took media and communication courses as well! I too have to take commute to school and work almost everyday-- I live super far away from the downtown area so it's not very fun. I also have been listening to the same music for the last while now: I love Ariana Grande's album (but mostly just "Love Me Harder" and "Break Free") and I've been listening Taylor Swift's 1989 on repeat for the past 3ish weeks so it's good to know that I'm not the only one who listens to music that repetitively haha. I love coffee and reading so much too, except nowadays I've cut down on my caffeine intake as much as possible unless I REALLY need it and it's hard for me to read much during school semesters (I usually read the most books during the summertime, then I read like about 30 books during the summer break). I adore those old-time movies too (even though they are my only favs as well), Alfred Hitchcock was an amazing director and I've watched almost all of his films. Audrey Hepburn is also an obvious favourite of mine too! I also love Apple, I find it's so much more intuitive than Android products and I want a Macbook (I'm sad to say I don't have one quite yet). I too am quite short (5'3")!

    Btw you have gorgeous photos, keep it up dear!

    xx Debbie

    1. Debbie!

      Thanks so much for this comment! I loved reading about you too, and you're right, we do have a lot in common :) I appreciate that you took the time out of your day to read my post and tell me more about yourself! It really did put a smile on my face!

  7. Pretty pics :) cute look!

  8. Love the first photo :) M&MFASHIONBITES

  9. it's so cute! i think that every blogger should have such an informatioanal list about himself))) it's simple, interesting and very full) it helps to know the character of the blogger)) just love it)