January '15 • What's in my Backpack?

Happy Tuesday!

If you've been following the weather reports here on the East coast, NY was hit with the #Blizzardof2015 (Also known as Juno? I find naming snow storms and hurricanes funny). The predictions were that the City would be covered in at least 20 something inches of snow, making it one of the worst storms we've ever seen. But when I opened my blinds this morning expecting to see the worst...Where's the snow?

Yeah, there was snow on the ground and all, but definitely not 20 plus inches. It turns out the storm didn't hit us as bad as we thought it would! Funny because everyone was bracing for the worst and cancelled classes and work days, and it turns out to be nice and bright out today haha! Today is the second day of classes, but NYU decided to close for the day because of the weather. I was also suppose to start my internship at Into The Gloss/Glossier today, but they also closed for the day, so here I am enjoying the somewhat disappointing snow day (it's not even snowing anymore...what :/ ). Oh, I'm not complaining since a day off is always nice, but I just started school and just ended my six week long winter break so it's throwing me off a little. Definitely need time to adjust back to the busy schedule!

Since it is the beginning of a new semester and my backpack is not yet cluttered with all the junk I pile up throughout the semester, I thought I'd do a What's in my Backpack! This pleather backpack is from Brady Melville which was a birthday gift from last year given to me by my lovely baby sister (She's really not a baby...18 years old, but I still think of her as a little girl haha). I really like it because it looks small, but it can fit so many things! Water bottle, bunch of books and notebooks, wallet, laptop...you name it! 

Here are some of the basic things I carry around with me on a normal school day:

1. Gum: I happen to have Juicy Fruit with me right now because my boyfriend bought a bunch when he was here and left them, so now they're mine.

2. Oil Blotting Sheets: A must for my oily face! This one from Clean and Clear is probably the best out of all the other ones I've tried. It just soaks up all the excess oil on your T-zone and anywhere else on your face.

3. Hand Lotion: I'm not a big lotion person, but during the winter, hand lotion is necessary to keep your hands from being dry and crackly. 

4. Glossier Balm Dotcom: This universal skin salve is great for any place on your body that needs moisture! I mostly use it as a lip balm and it works wonders :) And how cute are the stickers? They give you a bunch of stickers to decorate and customize your Glossier products. (Click for the link to Glossier's website!!)

5. Benebalm: I used to be a huge fan of Benefit's Benetint when I was in high school because of the rose scent and the pretty red tint it leaves on your lips, but I found it very drying, so I use the Benebalm which gives me the same effect as the tint but also moisturizing at the same time.

6. Moleskine Planner and Notebook, Muji Notebook : The basic planner and notebook combo. I like Moleskine notebooks because they are sturdy and minimalistic. I also recently discovered Muji notebooks and fell it love! They are much cheaper than Moleskine notebooks and they come in various sizes.

7. Tres Chic Pencil Pouch: This pencil pouch is from Forever 21 and when I bought this, I actually didn't know what I would use it for since it is a very flat pouch and I didn't want to overstuff it and ruin the shape. I carry my essential pens and pencils in this to keep myself from carrying too many things I don't use.   

8. iPhone 6 with Marble Case: I switched over from the iPhone 5 to 6 maybe a month ago? I thought the 6 was way too big when I first saw it, but it's not as bad as I thought it would be after using it. And this phone has superb camera quality!

9. Hologram Wallet: I got this at Urban Outfitters (I don't remember when) and I really like it as my everyday wallet because it's small, chic and perfect for me to easily reach my Metro card or school ID. 

That's it! Thanks for reading, and I'm going to get cracking on some homework now! Love you lots, muah!




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  3. Your pencil case is so cute, also love the really cool notepads! It's crazy how much snow you guys get, we were supposed to get really heavy snow here in England this year yet where I live we have had none as of yet! It's crazy!

    Taylor Mayed

    1. Thanks! Enjoy not having to walk in puddles of snow D: I have to go back to classes tomorrow and it's going to be rough haha!

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