August '15 • Vitamin D

A long and scorching July has come to an end and today marks the first day of August. With only a month's time left of summer, I'm making the effort to do more things and see more things before I have to trek my way back to school (that is, for my final year in college *gasp*). I'm not a big fan of direct sunlight, mainly because I'm still pretty self conscious of the state of my skin in the sun, but when I saw this enormous window at the Brooklyn Museum, I thought 'Eh, screw it', and let myself soak in all that Vitamin D. 

My interest in the '70s trend is in full swing with this outfit, bandanna and all. Not so much a fan of suede when the temperature soars to 90 degrees, but hey, I guess it's balanced out with the off-the-shoulder top. Also, snaps to my sister for lending me her gladiator sandals--didn't mean to coordinate with all the suede, but I'm happy with it. Here's to a happy August!
I'm wearing: Zara off-the-shoulder top, American Apparel circle skirt, Topshop sandals, bandana, H&M bag, Ray Ban sunglasses