February '14 • New Kicks and Something Special

(Nike Free 5.0 and my HIGH FASHION, COLLEGE WALLET post on VV)

I'm considered as short--5 foot 2, to be exact--and my shoe closet is mostly made up of heels and platform boots. But attending school in the City means lots of walking and sometimes, my feet just need a break from all the extra height (and pain!). I bought these Nike Free 5.0 in black and I am in love! They go well with any outfit, whether it's a causal one or slightly more formal, and these are made for basic everyday walking more so than for exercising. I can't wait to snap a picture of an outfit with these shoes...Once the weather warms up and the concrete isn't as gross or wet, I'll definitely get on posting outfits! 

Besides my recent purchase, I have other exciting news and that is...my first post for my school's newspaper/fashion blog is up and running! I recently joined NYU's Washington Square News as a contributing writer and wrote the post on how to create a runway look for less on Violet Vision, WSN's fashion blog. I am thrilled to be a part of the WSN team and hopefully become staff later on, but for now, keep an eye out for more stories written by moi



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