February '14 • "Windy City"

New York in February is so far...pretty brutal. We've had snowstorms, freezing temperatures, and on the off days, somewhat warm (and I mean only 50 degrees...someone save this California girl) days. Today, I got the chance to hang out with my actress roommate and we went to get our nails done/ eat yummy food. Walking around wouldn't have been as bad if it weren't for the gusts of wind, but hey, I can't control that! I try to layer as much as possible because I easily feel overheated, practically running around the city to get to class. I am wearing my favorite boots from Zara which I got on sale for only $20 and I am also wearing my newly DIY-ed ripped jeans. I must have said this multiple times, but when it does warm up in the City, I will get out of my room and throw off that heavy winter coat!



Lapel Beige Jacket- H&M
Black Muscle Tee- Forever 21
Red Flannel- Urban Outfitters
Ripped Jeans-Abercrombie&Fitch (DIYed rips)
Leather Backpack- Brandy Melville
Black Patent Shoes- Zara


  1. Cute outfit! I'm always and forever loving flannel!


    1. Thank you! Flannels are a must for this brutal weather! Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks and thank you for stopping by! :)