April '14 • Meeting Jenn Im from Clothes Encounters

This past Tuesday (4/8), my all time favorite Youtuber, Jenn Im from Clothes Encounters, had a meet up at the 7 for All Mankind store in Soho. I absolutely adore Jenn for her fashion and style (of course) and her oh so charming personality. I actually met her once before when she had a meet up in the City last September and I remember being so starstruck at how pretty and sweet she was. This time around, I decided to write her a fan letter (this is how much I love her, guys) which you can see me holding it in the second picture of me, Jenn, and my friends. Again, she was incredibly sweet and we had a small talk about how my boyfriend, Justin, met her once too in San Francisco. What a small world, huh? 

I've been following Jenn for about a year now, but I mush have watched her fashion videos a million times. I find myself getting inspired from her outfits and tips and I'll always support her in whatever she does as a loyal fan :) All you Jenn Im lovers out there! Leave me a comment and let me know so we can fangirl over her together!

(Photos from Threadsense, Tumblr, and Jenn's Youtube channel)




  1. omg you met Jenn Im! So jealous! haha I once saw her friend Rebekkah at Disneyland like two years ago but I didn't have an opportunity to approach her. But I have been watching Jenn's videos for 4 years now, she is such an inspiration. It's also so cool to see how far she has come since her very first videos with Sarah!

    - Victoria

    1. Yes she has come a very long way since then! I love her so much it's insane xD

  2. Ah Jenn! Lovely photos, I would love to meet her as well :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, & of course I'd love to follow each other! <3

    lots of love, Dana Carmella
    Bloglovin' & Blog: Pretty Odd ♡

  3. Great post.love the looks
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